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OUCC Ouzel Walk, 20 March 2012

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I was mentioning to one or two people round the walk that I hope to do a new project on trees, hence these tree pictures. The project is a public engagement type where people will be able to map and identify trees in their area and add them to an overall map of trees in uk. As a start I have converted the existing map of the 900 or so trees on campus into a little .kml file so you can see the names of the trees as you walk around if you have a smartphone or you can view them on Google Earth on your desktop computer.

I am hoping that members of the camera club might also take some pictures of trees on campus and note the number of the tree (most of them have little numbers on) so it will be possible to produce a gallery of the 90 or so different species at each stage of the year.

One other thing from todays pictures to note is the huge hair that jumped onto the sensor half way round, I did not change lenses or do anything particular to the camera it just appeared. It would not budge however many cleaning cycles I ran on the automatic sensor cleaning system so I will have to clean the sensor by hand with a cleaning pad. It is quite interesting that there has been a large avalance of dirt on sensor since the EOS 5DIII has been announced, only had to clean it by hand every few months before that but recently have had to do it 2-3 times in as many weeks.
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