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Chris Valentine - OUCC Walk - 6 June 2006

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Mike rushes past. Shifty character. Rubbish photo, but an example of one of the limitations of photography: there is a massive difference in the light levels here and the camera simply cannot cope. The dark area occupies most of the frame so the light metering has exposed (correctly) for the area under the bridge. As a consequence, the outside areas are massively over-exposed. Looking at the big sky. A classic example of where clouds can add a lot to a photo. Not quite enough of them today! The 'peeking through the branches' look. Doesn't really come off here as there's no point of interest in the photo. Sun through the leaves. A bit boring - no point of interest again. Where are the swans when you want them? Same scene - the other way up. Notice the dust on the sensor - a big problem with digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. You don't notice it in the viewfinder and most specs only show up at small apertures (large f-number). This is at f8. "And here we see the photographer in his natural environment..." OK, so we have a point of interest this time, but the photo still isn't that interesting, possibly because you can't see enough of the river and the bridge there looks more like a path. Ah, that's better, except we still can't see the river. I was rather hoping Mike was going to fall in... I took this and the next shot specifically to show the effect of a polarizing filter. Almost exactly the same shot as before but with the polarizer turned through 90 degrees. Notice how most of the reflections from the water have gone and how much denser the colour is. You can just about make out some fish. Arty. Not really "me" this one. Perhaps I'll sell this to the owner of the house...
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