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OUCC Walk 16 May 2006

Chris took these photos on the Nikon P2 compact digital camera which, almost uniquely, has built-in wireless networking.
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This achieved the affect I was after, but the big blade of grass ruins it. The Nikon P2 only has an LCD viewfinder and it its at all bright, you can't just too well what's in the frame. Testing the 'macro' capability of the Nikon P2 with a couple of mating craneflies on nettles. This sort of shot would benefit greatly from a more interesting sky. Even a polarizer wouldn't have helped much today though as it was completely overcast. Mature male mandarin duck on the Ouzel. The Nikon P2 has a 3.5x optical zoom - but this is the long end, so its not so hot for wildlife! The Nikon P2 allows sufficient control to enable you to deliberately lower the shutter speed when you need to. In this case down to around 1/25th. I rested the camera on the bridge to lessen the chance of camera shake. Just inside the minimum close focus distance of the lens. I took lots of shots like this, testing different aperture (and thus depth of field) settings. This is at f7.2, so the DoF is quite deep, so most of what's in the photo is sharp. This is at f3.8, so the DoF is quite narrow, with the closest object and the background both (intentionally) blurred. This is with the lens stopped down a fair bit (f7.6) so the Dof is greater - but still not enough to get the entire frame sharp. Danelion seeds caught on a spider's web. Here I opened the lens up all the way (f2.7) to render the background completely out of focus, making the subject stand out more.
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