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Club Event Galleries

These galleries are specifically to showcase photos taken by members at club-arranged events. Please contact the chairman if you would like to contribute images or gallery links to this page.

OU Architecture, 14 August 2012

A combined event with the Buckingham Camera Club.


'Square' theme, 11 July 2012

Bryan Waddington led a walk with the objective of taking square images for possible presentation later this year in the OU Library.


Architecture walk, 24 April 2012

A walk around some of the buildings on campus; looking at lines, angles, reflections, perspective, abstracts etc.


Ouzel Walk, 20 Mar 2012

Dave Phillips led a walk along the river Ouzel to capture signs of Spring, 20th March 2012.


Spring Walk, 21st Feb 2012

Dave Phillips led a walk at lunchtime to capture signs of Spring, 21st February 2012.


OU Bellydance Club, 16th November 2010

OUCC took photos of a performance by the OU Bellydance club for Children in Need 2010.

Lunchtime walk, 14th July 2010


Lunchtime walk, 6th July 2010


OU Bellydance Club, 19th November 2009

The OUCC were invited to take photos of a performance by the OU Bellydance club for Children in Need 2009.

High Key Portraits, 18th December 2007

photo Chris Valentine demonstrated taking 'high key' portraits using two studio flashes and a digital SLR, tethered to a laptop, and triggered using DSLR Remote Pro
  • Photos showing selected images and their high key equivalents
  • Photoshop's level control showing the settings I used having first converted to B&W

  • Art and Architecture Walk, 29th August 2007

    photo Dave Phillips conducted a tour of the installation art around the OU campus on this fine August evening. A number of members of the MK Flickerites group came along too.

    Still Life Practical, 6th February 2007

    photo Dave Phillips hosted a practical session to demonstrate various artificial lighting techiques and to explain the role of digital cameras' white balance (or colour balance) setting.

    Depth of Field vs Focal Length, 12th December 2006

    We set out to test Mike Dodd's hypothesis that depth of field was independant of focal length. We carried out two sets of tests, one moving the camera to keep the subject the same size in the frame, then changing the focal length. Secondly, keeping the camera and subject fixed and then varying the focal length. Different apertures were used for each test. The direct-from-camera JPGs are available from the 'large' version of each image.
    These are two montages from the second test, with the aperture on f2.8 and the focal length at 200mm then 70mm. Sadly I forgot to bring a remote release for the camera, so had to up the ISO to 800 to get a reasonably fast shutter speed - this has dropped the image quality and made comparison more difficult, but to my eye at least, the depth of field appears to be greater in the second part of each image.

    OUCC Walk with Chris Valentine, 6th June 2006

    Some people asked about the format of the data output by Mike's Garmin GPS receiver - so here it is (72kb Excel file).

    OUCC Walk with Dave Phillips, 16th May 2006

    Please note that all photos are copyright © of the contributing photographer and must not be reproduced without prior consent.