OU Club

The OU Photographic Competition 2006/07

Here are the details of the OU Photographic Competition 2006/07, hosted by OUCC.

The competition is open to all OUCC members, permanent and contract staff, associate lecturers and current post-graduate students, both from the MK campus and the regions.

The categories are:


Photos of industrial equipment, buildings, architecture, our industrial heritage

Photo People / Portrait

Photos of individuals or small groups of people (not animals!)

Photo Close-up / Macro

Close up photos of any subject, not necessarily wildlife


You may submit to any or all categories, up to three photos in any one category (so a maximum of nine images). In order to raise the prize values, for this competition there is an entry charge of 25p per image. Images must be submitted as prints, between 6x9" and 10x15" in size (less than 13x28" including mount) and can be from film or digital. Following comments from the judge last year, we thoroughly recommend you mount your entries - Dave can provide advice on this.

Prizes of Amazon vouchers of 30, 20 and 10 will be presented to the best three photos in each category. Submission deadline is Tuesday 3rd April 2007 Friday 13th April 2007. Judging will be by an external judge in late April or early May and we expect to mount a display of the winners in the Library in May.

Since we intend to display at least all the winning prints, both in the Library and on the OUCC website, while retaining copyright, as a condition of submitting you agree to grant the club non-exclusive rights to display the images in relation to the competition itself and to the OUCC. All such reproductions will be duly credited.

Whilst we will take every care with your material, the club cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage - so please don't submit your only copies. All submissions must be marked, on the reverse, with your name, phone number, email and postal address, together with the category - remember that the prints will be mixed randomly for judging, so each one needs to be individually marked. Obviously, be careful not to use a pen that's going to show through: you might prefer to use sticky labels rather than run the risk of damaging the print - especially important for inkjet papers with tend to be fairly absorbant. Remember that the quality of the print itself could influence the judges. Will will return all entries in the internal post, or they can be collected, whichever you prefer.

Please deliver your prints and entry fee to one of:

Chris Valentine
Dave Phillips
Mike Dodd

...or bring them along to any Camera Club meeting.