OU Camera Club Competition 2005/06 Entries

Entries were submitted in the following four categories. The marks awarded by the judge are all out of 20; entries that did not closely match the category into which they were submitted were marked down accordingly. The order shown here may not exactly match the order in which they were judged. The committee would like to thank Cathal, the New City Photographic Society judge, and all contributors for their entries. The overall standard was very high.

Overall Winner

Andy Sutton
Winners: Black and WhiteWinners: Peace/Tranquility

1st: Andy Sutton

2nd: Rick Marland

3rd: Alan Cooper

1st: Mike Dodd

2nd: Doug Blane

3rd: Mike Dodd
Winners: Motion/ActionWinners: Winter Wonderland

1st: Chris Valentine

2nd: Chris Valentine

3rd: Doug Blane

1st: Andy Sutton

2nd: Rick Marland

3rd: Doug Blane
All photos are Copyright © their original contributor. No unauthorised reproduction.

Online Voting

Just for fun, Jef Lay of Maths & Computing and Alan Woodley of IET set up a clever online voting system. Voting is now closed but the results are now available. Note that no prizes were offered as a result of voting in this system.